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Strategy : As a Shaman


The shaman is a mouse which has special powers.
One can recognize it thanks to the marks on his fur, and the feather on his head.

- Like the other mice, it moves using the directional arrows or WASD keys.

- Finally, it has a toolbox in the bottom-right corner of the screen, containing objects which can be placed on the map, in order to build a practical path to the cheese. On certain maps, you have very few objects (one or two), and sometimes, you don’t even have anything at all!

For additional help, you can look at Toinh's help videos to help you better understand the techniques of the shaman. They show you the guidance techniques map by map, complementing the maps list.

How to place objects

To place an object, you need to select it from the list, and click on the point on the map where you want to place it. You can only place objects all around you, in a close perimeter. If you want to place an object further, your mouse will have to move too. To be able to place an object, you must “invoke it”, and that takes a few seconds of holding the button during which you are immobilized. Thus, it’s necessary to be in safety before you start to invoke.

The prohibited invocation

An easy trick to know when you place objects in general.

When you want to place an object at the top of a sloped platform, at first you need to go up to get close to the place of the invocation. When you begin invoking, you are immobilized, and you will start to slip. Even if you move away from the object and it becomes red, your invocation continues, and the object will appear nonetheless!

This can be useful for you in many situations, in more or less large scales. For example, to place an object slightly over you, but beyond the authorized limit: Jump, find the moment when the object is not red any more, and click to begin the invocation precisely at this time.

The double invocation

This is a tip that the moderators do not appreciate, you can be banished for doing it,but we propose it to you because it is fun, however, do it at your own risks. To invoke the same object twice, it’s enough for you to press on the numbered key corresponding to the desired object, then NR, then again the numbered key of the object. For example, to invoke two balloons at the same time: 8 - NR - 8.

You will find the list of the keys corresponding to the objects here: Short cuts keyboard. . Note: You must use the number keys on top of the keyboard, not on the numeric keypad.

How to change object properties

Before placing an object, you can choose a certain number of parameters.

To know all the shortcuts, which will be very useful for you during guidance, go on this page!

How to use protals

Portals allow you to teleport mice, objects, or yourself, from point A to point B on the map. To finish, you must place both portals (an orange, and a blue) in two points A and B of the map. An invisible “tunnel” will then be created between the two gates, and the mice, while entering one, will immediately appear in the other. This is the “teleportation function” on Transformice.

The portals are not available on all the maps (fortunately), but you can take advantage of them anyways when they’re available. On maps where there is a difficult passage for the mice, arrange you to place portals before and after this passage, so that the mice which wish it can avoid it.

(Examples: To help the mice that do not manage to climb a wall, place an orange portal at the bottom of the obstacle and a blue one at the top. // To help the mice cross a pit that’s too wide, place portals at the two ends of the pit).

Important note: The portals are indicated as “blue = entrance”, and “orange = exit", but it doesn't matter. You can place the portals in whichever order you want, they have the same exact function. Both can be used as entrance or exit, as long as an orange one AND a blue one are open (placed somewhere on the map).

Techniques of construction

Certain constructions can be useful on a lot of maps, but they’re not the only possible strategy of guidance. Learn them and bring them out them when it seems good to you! There are as many ways to guide as there are shamans. Here are some suggestions for constructions to help you in your training of the shaman art. (Don’t forget to see the map list, which gives you a solution for each map).

• The elevator

To make an elevator, you need a flat surface, two planks, and an engine. The elevator can be used to gather the mice on a platform relatively low, or to move other objects.

• The balloon

To make a balloon, just put a plank on the ground, and then, attach two balloons on it. You can also put a rune on the plank to choose the direction of your balloon.