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I) Goal

Each player controls a small mouse, able to run right or left, to jump, and to climb on the walls (with a little training). It must go grab the cheese and bring it back to its hole. On the map, where the mice interact, there’s also the shaman. Physically present on the map, it’s a guide who helps (or not) its comrades to achieve their goals. At the beginning of each round, the player (or players, in case of a duel) that has the most points becomes shaman.

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Transformice in 4 pictures

II) To move the mouse

TThe mice move very simply: With the directional keys or with the WASD keys. The UP key (or W) enables you to jump, the DOWN key (or S) enables you to crouch down.

To catch the CHEESE, you just have to touch it and pass over it. To enter the hole, it’s the same thing: just move towards it. When you've returned home with your cheese, a salvo of small hearts assures you of your success! Cheeeeeeeeese. *_*
However, if you fall into a pit or if you remain inactive for too long, small bubbles will confirm your death.

Note : It’s possible to climb vertical walls by jumping against them (learn the wall jump).

More details : Strategies : Be a mouse

III) Dangers to watch out for

The main dangers the mice face are linked to some maps.

IV) To win or lose points

• When you are a normal player:

- You win 10 points for carrying the cheese into the hole.

- You win 16 points for being the first mouse to carry the cheese into the hole.

- You win 14 points for being the second mouse to carry the cheese into the hole.

- You win 12 points for being the third mouse to carry the cheese into the hole.

- You lose a point for dying when leaving the map.

• When you are shaman:

- At the end of the round, your score is reset to zero.

- The shaman wins 1 point per cheese recovered by its followers.

V) What the chamane must do

The shaman (or guide) is a very special mouse. Besides being slightly larger, it’s especially equipped with various decorations, including a feather on the head, which will make it easy to locate. Its role is to help the other mice collect cheese, take it, and return to the hole. The shaman is physically present on the map, and that makes its task more difficult: it must progress along with the other mice, and recover its own cheese, while placing objects to help its companions.

Note 1: The shaman is unable to place objects too far away from itself, so it’s forced to move to be able to invoke objects in the right places.

Note 2: The shaman, like the other mice, slips on sloped surfaces. Since it’s immobilized during a few seconds while it invokes objects, it will not be able to stand still on the inclined surface. It’s better to invoke objects on a flat surface, to avoid falling off.

More details: As a shaman and Objects.

VI) The co-operation mode

It can happen that two shamans are competing on a map with a common exit. Thus they must cooperate, and they need some. Often, one must remain at the top, while the other will deal with the mice at the bottom. Both shamans gain points for the collected cheese, and thus finish with the same score.

VII) Le duel de chamanes

Certain maps are designed so that two shamans compete. They can do it properly (while killing each other) as well as figuratively. The challenge between the two is to attract the most mice into their own hole (pink or blue). The rest of the rules are the exact same, the shaman that made it possible to collect the most cheeses will have the most points at the end of the round.

For more details: Duels

VIII) Survivor mode

The survivor mode is not an official game mode. It was made by the players, and is played in dedicated rooms (666 or 777), governed by the rules defined for this mode. To be welcomed, the rules must be followed. The survivor rooms are separate from the rest, it’s normal to play this game when joining them.

In this rather cruel game mode, the shaman must kill everyone, whichever way it chooses (balls, anvil gods, spirits). The others must try to survive to become the last player standing, so as to be allowed to return to the hole with cheese.

You can only return if:

- The shaman died

- Or if there’s less than 10 seconds left

- Or if you are the last survivor

If somebody returns to the hole without at least one of these conditions applying, the other players are free to ban them for breaking the rules.

The banning rules do not apply if:

- The player went through the hole unintentionally (map scramble, or a missed kill attempt)

- The map is not appropriate for this mode (beam, 26, 42, etc…)

- The shaman doesn’t have any way to kill us (maps without objects or upside-down maps)

Sticking to the shaman to avoid the attacks is not appreciated by the players of the survivor mode, and it can get you banned. However, camping might not get you banned, as long as the shaman can still kill us.