Le contenu de ce site n'est plus à jour et la communauté n'est plus active. Il est maintenu en ligne afin de servir d'archive des débuts de TransforMice et de sa communauté.

Game overview

Transformice, or TM, is a new multiplayer minigame created by Tigrounette. She's the famous author of Aaaah, Froteresse, Bouboum and Dead Meat. It's a flash game which can be played directly in your browser, at this adress. However, for a better game performance, and to avoid some lag, you can download the exe version by clicking here: Download ! (It doesnt exists anymore, but we can find ways to play with it anyway).

To join this little world, you just have to choose a nickname and login!

Note : You can also create an account, so you'll can take part in the forum, use the shop, and speak in the tchat while playing. Otherwise, you can simply choose a nickname, and you'll be considered as a guest. Your nickname will be preceeded by a star (*), so the other players will know you're not registered.