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Strategy : As a Mouse


The mouse can sometimes feel a little lost, especially when it’s still a Little Mouse, new to the game. This page is here to explain the basic strategies and the easy ways to survive in this hostile world.

The mouse is a small animal with brown fur, which moves using the directional arrows or WASD keys.

It runs very slowly, and is much less maneuverable when it carries a cheese on its back, in particular to apply the techniques which will follow.

Learn the wall jump (WJ)

Absolutely essential, the wall jumping consists of knowing how to climb vertical walls. It’s a very useful technique, which is absolutely essential to master. Explaining the wall jump is no easy task to achieve, and it’s common that the mice learn by looking at the others doing it, and practicing. The tutorial below applies to climbing towards the right, just reverse the movements to climb towards the left. It should be noted however that it’s more difficult to climb towards the left than towards the right!

- Approach the wall to climb

- Make a jump right to stick to the wall

- Bounce on the wall and make a jump left

- While you are in the air, return right to stick to the wall

- Return to the starting point

- Repeat this action as many times as necessary to arrive at the top of wall!


The derivative of the wall jump and other jumping techniques

- The Cheese Wall Jump (CWJ) simply consists in climbing with the cheese on the back. The CWJ is much more difficult to pull off than the WJ, because of the weight of the cheese. Your mouse is weighed down considerably, and it moves with difficulty. Thus a little training is necessary, the technique does not change...

- The Slide Jump (SJ) consists in gaining speed, then to quickly jump up on the edge of a plank or an object. It’s possible to bounce and jump further, promoting the passage over wider holes.

- Le Ghost Jump (GJ) requires a perfect agreement between the mice and the shaman. It consists in calling upon a spirit under the mice while they jump. The spirit being dedicated to push back the objects and the mice in the vicinity, it multiplies the height of the jump by ten, making it possible for the mice to reach a platform a little too high, for example. By repeating this action several times while the mice are in the air, it’s possible to make them go up to the top of the map.

- The Mouse Jump : In some maps, mountains of mice (read: superimposed mice) tend to be created. It’s perhaps not funny, but one can make use of these “slaves” to WJ on them. One can even slide on a head beyond the map. Technically, mice which help each other can finish certain maps together, without the assistance of the shaman.

- Bomb Jump is practiced on maps of the explosive type, where the bombs appear everywhere. Note that it’s not really an easy “strategic” way, because this technique remains very random, according to the distance which separates you from the bomb before the contact, and if you jump at one time or not. To make a bomb jump, place yourself below a bomb while being slightly tilted towards the direction you want to be projected in (enjoying a brief but violent acceleration), or jump on top of the bomb to fly away to the top (but pray not to go too high).

- The bullet jump consists of taking advantage of the strength, single and powerful, of a cannonball that the shaman sends you. When the ball is heading your way, slowly run in the opposite direction. Thus, you will avoid flying out of the map, but you will have reached the opposite side of the map without getting tired. If you are flung against a wall, you can stay on by connecting with a wall jump, hoping that the ball does not fall down on your snout.

- The climb jump consists in dashing on a plank bridge titled down (built by the shaman), and jumping when you reach the end. You are propelled forwards with more strength than if you had jumped from a horizontal surface.

- Le Wall Jump Reverse et le Cheese Wall Jump Reverse Jump consist in doing a wall jump on the upside-down maps, with or without cheese... I'll let you imagine the difficulty of such a thing. ;)


The “double jump”

The double jump does not really exist. It’s actually a single jump you perform in mid-air. It’s enough for you to advance to the edge of a pit, fall, and jump while you are in mid-air. This allows you to go further forward, and to reach a more distant surface more easily.

Certain platforms can only be reached using this technique. Others, even more distant, require a double jump + wall jump combo to be reached.


Le vroom, le surf et le moonwalk

[p]These two techniques are funny, but not really useful. Use them for fun on a flat and wide surface!

- The Vroom Vroom consists in successively pressing the keys "up", "down", then "right or left" to vrooooom in the desired direction. But beware: Once you advance in this position, you cannot jump any more.

- Surfing, very similar but in a different position, requires you to successively press the keys "down", "up", then "right or left" to surf in the selected direction. Like before, it’s impossible to jump in this position.

- The Moonwalk The Moonwalk consists in Vrooming or Surfing in reverse. With this intention, it’s necessary to very quickly press the keys "up", "down", "right" and "left" (and hold left).