Le contenu de ce site n'est plus à jour et la communauté n'est plus active. Il est maintenu en ligne afin de servir d'archive des débuts de TransforMice et de sa communauté.


These orders must be typed in the minitchat. They enable you to manage your play without passing by the menus.

/title To post the list of the titles which are available for you.Type then /titre X to select your title, X being the number of the selected title.
/room x To join living room X, X being able to be a number, a name or a combination of figures and letters. If living room X does not exist, it will be created and you will be only top: useful if you want to be alone, and to train yourself being shamane.
/profile x Post the profile of player X if he exists.
/mute x Not to receive messages of X anymore, X being the nickname one of the player you want to ignore.
/ban x To vote the banishment of player X. If a certain number of players asks for this banishment, X will be excluded from Transformice for one hour.
/c Player Message To whisper a message with a player. Press on R to answer when you were whispered something.
/ami Player To add a player in your list of friends.


Keyboard shortcuts

  • Z, Q, S, D alternate Keys for the directional arrows (French keyboard)

  • W, A, S, D alternate Keys for the directional arrows (English keyboard)

  • K    Select french or english keyboard

  • R   answer when you were whispered something

  • ESPACE  Make an object transparent (ghost)

  • X, CTRL ou SHIFT    Make turn an objet

  • S    Deselectionate an object

  • C    To put a yellow joint on an object

  • B    To put a red joint on an object

  • V    To put a green or blue joint on an object

  • N    To put an engine on an object

Warning : If you are on a chart where you do not have all the objects, the numbered keys are shifted. For example, if you do not have that the indicative arrow and the balloon: The arrow will correspond to key 1, and the balloon, with key 2. If you have all the objects at your disposal (most of the time, it is the case), here the keys correspondents with the objects.

  • 1 ou & Arrow

  • 2    Spirit

  • 3    Small case

  • 4    Big case

  • 5    Anvil

  • 6    Small plank

  • 7    Large plank

  • 8    Balloon

  • 9    Trampoline



  • death of the shaman

    Time remaining totals 20 seconds. The objects appeared at the beginning of part appear once again, including the bombs.

  • only one remaining mouse on the map besides or of the shaman

    Time remaining reduced to 40 seconds if it remained about it more. The objects appeared at the beginning of part appear once again, including the bombs.

  • no movement during the 20 first second of the part

    Died of the mouse concerned. Caution, the jumps are not regarded as movements.

  • no activity on Transformice during 10 minutes
    Disconnected of the serveur.