Le contenu de ce site n'est plus à jour et la communauté n'est plus active. Il est maintenu en ligne afin de servir d'archive des débuts de TransforMice et de sa communauté.

Terms and Conditions of TMF

The purpose of this charter is to detail you the conditions of use of TMF, as well as the rules which govern the forum.

General behavior

On each area of discussion, it is necessary to maintain a good relationship, with each person behaving in an intelligent way, like they would with physically-present people. Using vulgar language, insults (implicit or explicit) and incitement with hatred and racism are prohibited. In order to preserve a good atmosphere on the site, the same applies to off-topic subjects, posting useless messages (not contributing to the debate), several messages by the same user (there’s an option to edit your own messages).

As for the users whose goal is to harm the site (flood, attempt at hacking, etc), they will be severely punished. Finally, piracy and pornography (whatever the method used) are also prohibited.

Case specific to the forums: it is important to note that replying to a topic breaking the above rules is considered to be contributing to the problem, and will be punished equally.

The language

Politeness and proper writing in your messages is recommended. You are requested to write in correct, readable French/English (in the appropriate forum) and with minimum errors (including conjugations). You are not on a mobile phone or instant messaging, and you have plenty of time to review and correct your mistakes, especially since you can edit your messages. Excessive errors and usage of “SMS language” in particular are hardly appreciated, and can lead to warnings in the event of abuse.

Posting pictures

In our forums, you can post pictures coming directly from other sites, in the forum and comments. In order to not interfere with the site nor bother anyone with the pictures, the maximum length authorized is 700 pixels. In the event of an error, the function "edit" makes it possible to put a link instead of the image. If the picture is intentionally breaking the display or any of the previous rules (pornographic images, gore, etc), the punishment will be immediate.