The content of this site is no longer up to date and the community is no longer active. It is kept online to serve as an archive of the early days of TransforMice and its community.


Transformice shop

Transformice shop allows you to equip and to dress up your little mouse ! You'll find on this page a list of available items, their price, and how you’ll look when you are a mouse or a shaman, wearing each item. Move your mouse (the real one) over the items to see more details..

    There are currently 149 items in the shop.

Click on the small icons to show the item in higher definition.

Item for saleMouse skinShaman skin
  - Price :  

You may also combine items!

How to use the shop?

To enter the shop ingame, you just have to click on "menu", then "shop". Over the appearance of your mouse, you can see the amount of cheese you have to shop with. Each cheese you’ve grabbed since the opening of the shop (on June 19th, 2010), is counted and worth 1 dollar. Each time you buy something, you pay the amount of cheese the item costs.

- To try on an item, you just have to click on the picture.
- To buy an item, you must click on the price.
(Of course, you must have enough cheese to buy it, knowing that 1 cheese = 1 dollar).
- To wear your new clothes, you can click on "Equip", and then you can leave the shop.
- To take off your clothes, click on "Take off", and leave the shop.
Warning: You cannot sell what you've bought !
When you've bought something, your cheese is gone for good.

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